Our approach

Our Vision

The South Bank Academies Trust will be the leading provider of professional educational opportunities for young people in South London through outstanding academies and colleges, creating pathways into higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

Our Values


The ethos of education in our academies is to nurture the inherent curiosity and creativity in pupils to ensure that they are creative and innovative in whatever the career path they choose in their futures, and they are most valued by the organisations they belong to.

At South Bank Academies our curriculum structure and learning environment are designed to ensure that the students take responsibility for their learning with support and mentoring from their teachers, the University and employer partners. This is to ensure that the students have more degrees of freedom available to them in their learning, allowing for them to explore, research and experiment. We identify and mitigate any risks associated with this novel approach to educating young people. We also undertake research into heutogogy or self-determined learning to continuously improve our innovative approach to learning and teaching.


The students and staff at our academies embrace a culture of individual as well as collective responsibility and high quality delivery in all our activities.

We promote a clear and positive learning environment for students and work place for staff in which staff and students are clear about their roles and responsibilities in alignment with the Trust and individual school strategies. We have an effective assessment/appraisal system and the regular feedback helps us to achieve continuous improvement. The staff are empowered with clear delegation of responsibility and appropriate resources to provide an outstanding learning experience for our students. We have Trust approved and accessible policies, systems and procedures, so that staff and students are clear about how they meet the procedural and compliance requirements while delivering on their responsibilities.


We strive to do our best and excel in everything we do to achieve the best outcomes for our students. Our academies will be outstanding and will set a bench mark for others to follow.

Our academies offer outstanding learning experience to our students, fostering creativity and innovation through innovative curricula, student personal development support and enrichment. We insist on our students and staff to be ambitious, and support them to achieve above their targets. Our academies offer an environment of positive competition and continuous improvement. Our Continuing Professional Development programmes support our staff to ensure not only that they are up to date with new developments in their subjects, but also that learning & teaching and student support are outstanding.


South Bank Academies are proud to represent our diverse communities, offering opportunities to thrive and excel through mutual respect and learning from each other.

We embrace the British Values and we respect each other valuing diversity in our community. We capitalise on the distinct strengths our communities bring with them treating each person with respect and dignity. Our academies make every effort to meet the specific cultural and religious needs of individuals, ensuring that all students and staff thrive in an environment in which every individual feels valued and respected. We encourage open, honest and conversation to promote positive contribution from all for the success of the academies and their people.


We are an educational institution committed to creating educational opportunities for young people in South London. Honesty, sincerity and openness transcend the activities of the Trust and our schools.

We operate schools to make high quality education accessible to the young people in our communities. We work closely with LSBU and world leading employers to inspire our students to aim high in their education and careers. We insist on deploying all the resources available to us to achieve the best outcomes for our students and to deliver the best value for money. We pursue collaboration with internal and external stakeholders through transparency and sharing credit for success. Recognition that our Trust and the schools are trustworthy and that the principles are always upheld is critical to us. We are relentless in ensuring the probity in the way we conduct our business and demand ethical behaviour across our organisation.

Our Mission

To provide world class professionally focused educational opportunities with a broadly-based curriculum and co-curricular programmes that ensure our students are most sought after by universities and employers.

We achieve this in partnership with London South Bank University, employers and South London communities, through innovative student led learning strategies and cutting edge learning environments.

Our Ambitions

  1. Our academies and colleges will be outstanding places of learning and personal development for young people in South London communities.
  2. London South Bank University and employer partners will be integral to the learning and, personal and professional development of our students.
  3. We will establish two more schools within South London boroughs by 2020 to enhance collaborative learning opportunities for our students.
  4. We will offer additional certificated education and training opportunities for our students in partnership with the University and industry partners to enhance career opportunities for our students.
  5. We will have innovative learning environments in our academies and colleges that will promote student led learning with access to state of the art infrastructure.
  6. We will be the first choice for ambitious students and high achieving staff. 
  7. Our students will be most preferred by universities and employers.

I really enjoy coming to UAE as everyone is friendly and we are allowed to work hard together. Sherise (Year 8 UAE)